pci_enable_msix_range — configure device's MSI-X capability structure


int pci_enable_msix_range (struct pci_dev * dev,
 struct msix_entry * entries,
 int minvec,
 int maxvec);


struct pci_dev * dev

pointer to the pci_dev data structure of MSI-X device function

struct msix_entry * entries

pointer to an array of MSI-X entries

int minvec

minimum number of MSI-X irqs requested

int maxvec

maximum number of MSI-X irqs requested


Setup the MSI-X capability structure of device function with a maximum possible number of interrupts in the range between minvec and maxvec upon its software driver call to request for MSI-X mode enabled on its hardware device function. It returns a negative errno if an error occurs. If it succeeds, it returns the actual number of interrupts allocated and indicates the successful configuration of MSI-X capability structure with new allocated MSI-X interrupts.