pci_add_dynid — add a new PCI device ID to this driver and re-probe devices


int pci_add_dynid (struct pci_driver * drv,
 unsigned int vendor,
 unsigned int device,
 unsigned int subvendor,
 unsigned int subdevice,
 unsigned int class,
 unsigned int class_mask,
 unsigned long driver_data);


struct pci_driver * drv

target pci driver

unsigned int vendor

PCI vendor ID

unsigned int device

PCI device ID

unsigned int subvendor

PCI subvendor ID

unsigned int subdevice

PCI subdevice ID

unsigned int class

PCI class

unsigned int class_mask

PCI class mask

unsigned long driver_data

private driver data


Adds a new dynamic pci device ID to this driver and causes the driver to probe for all devices again. drv must have been registered prior to calling this function.


Does GFP_KERNEL allocation.


0 on success, -errno on failure.