dmi_get_date — parse a DMI date


bool dmi_get_date (int field,
 int * yearp,
 int * monthp,
 int * dayp);


int field

data index (see enum dmi_field)

int * yearp

optional out parameter for the year

int * monthp

optional out parameter for the month

int * dayp

optional out parameter for the day


The date field is assumed to be in the form resembling [mm[/dd]]/yy[yy] and the result is stored in the out parameters any or all of which can be omitted.

If the field doesn't exist, all out parameters are set to zero and false is returned. Otherwise, true is returned with any invalid part of date set to zero.

On return, year, month and day are guaranteed to be in the range of [0,9999], [0,12] and [0,31] respectively.