blk_update_request — Special helper function for request stacking drivers


bool blk_update_request (struct request * req,
 int error,
 unsigned int nr_bytes);


struct request * req

the request being processed

int error

0 for success, < 0 for error

unsigned int nr_bytes

number of bytes to complete req


Ends I/O on a number of bytes attached to req, but doesn't complete the request structure even if req doesn't have leftover. If req has leftover, sets it up for the next range of segments.

This special helper function is only for request stacking drivers (e.g. request-based dm) so that they can handle partial completion. Actual device drivers should use blk_end_request instead.

Passing the result of blk_rq_bytes as nr_bytes guarantees false return from this function.


false - this request doesn't have any more data true - this request has more data