alloc_contig_range — - tries to allocate given range of pages


int alloc_contig_range (unsigned long start,
 unsigned long end,
 unsigned migratetype,
 gfp_t gfp_mask);


unsigned long start

start PFN to allocate

unsigned long end

one-past-the-last PFN to allocate

unsigned migratetype

migratetype of the underlaying pageblocks (either #MIGRATE_MOVABLE or #MIGRATE_CMA). All pageblocks in range must have the same migratetype and it must be either of the two.

gfp_t gfp_mask

GFP mask to use during compaction


The PFN range does not have to be pageblock or MAX_ORDER_NR_PAGES aligned, however it's the caller's responsibility to guarantee that we are the only thread that changes migrate type of pageblocks the pages fall in.

The PFN range must belong to a single zone.

Returns zero on success or negative error code. On success all pages which PFN is in [start, end) are allocated for the caller and need to be freed with free_contig_range.