__pci_hp_register — register a hotplug_slot with the PCI hotplug subsystem


int __pci_hp_register (struct hotplug_slot * slot,
 struct pci_bus * bus,
 int devnr,
 const char * name,
 struct module * owner,
 const char * mod_name);


struct hotplug_slot * slot

pointer to the struct hotplug_slot to register

struct pci_bus * bus

bus this slot is on

int devnr

device number

const char * name

name registered with kobject core

struct module * owner

caller module owner

const char * mod_name

caller module name


Registers a hotplug slot with the pci hotplug subsystem, which will allow userspace interaction to the slot.

Returns 0 if successful, anything else for an error.