__pci_enable_wake — enable PCI device as wakeup event source


int __pci_enable_wake (struct pci_dev * dev,
 pci_power_t state,
 bool runtime,
 bool enable);


struct pci_dev * dev

PCI device affected

pci_power_t state

PCI state from which device will issue wakeup events

bool runtime

True if the events are to be generated at run time

bool enable

True to enable event generation; false to disable


This enables the device as a wakeup event source, or disables it. When such events involves platform-specific hooks, those hooks are called automatically by this routine.

Devices with legacy power management (no standard PCI PM capabilities) always require such platform hooks.

RETURN VALUE: 0 is returned on success -EINVAL is returned if device is not supposed to wake up the system Error code depending on the platform is returned if both the platform and the native mechanism fail to enable the generation of wake-up events