Journal Level
Transasction Level

The functions here are split into two groups those that affect a journal as a whole, and those which are used to manage transactions

Journal Level

jbd2_journal_force_commit — force any uncommitted transactions
jbd2_journal_init_dev — creates and initialises a journal structure
jbd2_journal_init_inode — creates a journal which maps to a inode.
jbd2_journal_update_sb_errno — Update error in the journal.
jbd2_journal_load — Read journal from disk.
jbd2_journal_destroy — Release a journal_t structure.
jbd2_journal_check_used_features — Check if features specified are used.
jbd2_journal_check_available_features — Check feature set in journalling layer
jbd2_journal_set_features — Mark a given journal feature in the superblock
jbd2_journal_flush — Flush journal
jbd2_journal_wipe — Wipe journal contents
jbd2_journal_abort — Shutdown the journal immediately.
jbd2_journal_errno — returns the journal's error state.
jbd2_journal_clear_err — clears the journal's error state
jbd2_journal_ack_err — Ack journal err.
jbd2_journal_recover — recovers a on-disk journal
jbd2_journal_skip_recovery — Start journal and wipe exiting records

Transasction Level

jbd2__journal_start — Obtain a new handle.
jbd2_journal_start_reserved — start reserved handle
jbd2_journal_extend — extend buffer credits.
jbd2__journal_restart — restart a handle .
jbd2_journal_lock_updates — establish a transaction barrier.
jbd2_journal_unlock_updates — release barrier
jbd2_journal_get_write_access — notify intent to modify a buffer for metadata (not data) update.
jbd2_journal_get_create_access — notify intent to use newly created bh
jbd2_journal_get_undo_access — Notify intent to modify metadata with non-rewindable consequences
jbd2_journal_set_triggers — Add triggers for commit writeout
jbd2_journal_dirty_metadata — mark a buffer as containing dirty metadata
jbd2_journal_forgetbforget for potentially-journaled buffers.
jbd2_journal_stop — complete a transaction
jbd2_journal_try_to_free_buffers — try to free page buffers.