debugfs_print_regs32 — use seq_print to describe a set of registers


void debugfs_print_regs32 (struct seq_file * s,
 const struct debugfs_reg32 * regs,
 int nregs,
 void __iomem * base,
 char * prefix);


struct seq_file * s

the seq_file structure being used to generate output

const struct debugfs_reg32 * regs

an array if struct debugfs_reg32 structures

int nregs

the length of the above array

void __iomem * base

the base address to be used in reading the registers

char * prefix

a string to be prefixed to every output line


This function outputs a text block describing the current values of some 32-bit hardware registers. It is meant to be used within debugfs files based on seq_file that need to show registers, intermixed with other information. The prefix argument may be used to specify a leading string, because some peripherals have several blocks of identical registers, for example configuration of dma channels