d_really_is_negative — Determine if a dentry is really negative (ignoring fallthroughs)


bool d_really_is_negative (const struct dentry * dentry);


const struct dentry * dentry

The dentry in question


Returns true if the dentry represents either an absent name or a name that doesn't map to an inode (ie. ->d_inode is NULL). The dentry could represent a true miss, a whiteout that isn't represented by a 0,0 chardev or a fallthrough marker in an opaque directory.

Note! (1) This should be used *only* by a filesystem to examine its own dentries. It should not be used to look at some other filesystem's dentries. (2) It should also be used in combination with d_inode to get the inode. (3) The dentry may have something attached to ->d_lower and the type field of the flags may be set to something other than miss or whiteout.