Kernel objects manipulation

kobject_get_path — generate and return the path associated with a given kobj and kset pair.
kobject_set_name — Set the name of a kobject
kobject_init — initialize a kobject structure
kobject_add — the main kobject add function
kobject_init_and_add — initialize a kobject structure and add it to the kobject hierarchy
kobject_rename — change the name of an object
kobject_move — move object to another parent
kobject_del — unlink kobject from hierarchy.
kobject_get — increment refcount for object.
kobject_put — decrement refcount for object.
kobject_create_and_add — create a struct kobject dynamically and register it with sysfs
kset_register — initialize and add a kset.
kset_unregister — remove a kset.
kset_find_obj — search for object in kset.
kset_create_and_add — create a struct kset dynamically and add it to sysfs