Internal Functions

wait_task_stopped — Wait for TASK_STOPPED or TASK_TRACED
task_set_jobctl_pending — set jobctl pending bits
task_clear_jobctl_trapping — clear jobctl trapping bit
task_clear_jobctl_pending — clear jobctl pending bits
task_participate_group_stop — participate in a group stop
ptrace_trap_notify — schedule trap to notify ptracer
do_notify_parent_cldstop — notify parent of stopped/continued state change
do_signal_stop — handle group stop for SIGSTOP and other stop signals
do_jobctl_trap — take care of ptrace jobctl traps
sys_restart_syscall — restart a system call
set_current_blocked — change current->blocked mask
sys_rt_sigprocmask — change the list of currently blocked signals
sys_rt_sigpending — examine a pending signal that has been raised while blocked
do_sigtimedwait — wait for queued signals specified in which
sys_rt_sigtimedwait — synchronously wait for queued signals specified in uthese
sys_kill — send a signal to a process
sys_tgkill — send signal to one specific thread
sys_tkill — send signal to one specific task
sys_rt_sigqueueinfo — send signal information to a signal
sys_sigpending — examine pending signals
sys_sigprocmask — examine and change blocked signals
sys_rt_sigaction — alter an action taken by a process
sys_rt_sigsuspend — replace the signal mask for a value with the unewset value until a signal is received
kthread_run — create and wake a thread.
kthread_should_stop — should this kthread return now?
kthread_should_park — should this kthread park now?
kthread_freezable_should_stop — should this freezable kthread return now?
kthread_create_on_node — create a kthread.
kthread_bind — bind a just-created kthread to a cpu.
kthread_unpark — unpark a thread created by kthread_create.
kthread_park — park a thread created by kthread_create.
kthread_stop — stop a thread created by kthread_create.
kthread_worker_fn — kthread function to process kthread_worker
queue_kthread_work — queue a kthread_work
flush_kthread_work — flush a kthread_work
flush_kthread_worker — flush all current works on a kthread_worker