This function is called from the debug code whenever a problem in debug_object_activate is detected.

Called from debug_object_activate when the object state is:

The function returns true when the fixup was successful, otherwise false. The return value is used to update the statistics.

Note that the function needs to call the debug_object_activate() function again after the damage has been repaired in order to keep the state consistent.

The activation of statically initialized objects is a special case. When debug_object_activate() has no tracked object for this object address then fixup_activate() is called with object state ODEBUG_STATE_NOTAVAILABLE. The fixup function needs to check whether this is a legitimate case of a statically initialized object or not. In case it is it calls debug_object_init() and debug_object_activate() to make the object known to the tracker and marked active. In this case the function should return false because this is not a real fixup.