This function is called whenever the initialization function of a real object which resides on the stack is called.

When the real object is already tracked by debugobjects it is checked, whether the object can be initialized. Initializing is not allowed for active and destroyed objects. When debugobjects detects an error, then it calls the fixup_init function of the object type description structure if provided by the caller. The fixup function can correct the problem before the real initialization of the object happens. E.g. it can deactivate an active object in order to prevent damage to the subsystem.

When the real object is not yet tracked by debugobjects debugobjects allocates a tracker object for the real object and sets the tracker object state to ODEBUG_STATE_INIT. It verifies that the object is on the callers stack.

An object which is on the stack must be removed from the tracker by calling debug_object_free() before the function which allocates the object returns. Otherwise we keep track of stale objects.