RX A-MPDU aggregation

enum ieee80211_ampdu_mlme_action — A-MPDU actions

Aggregation on the RX side requires only implementing the ampdu_action callback that is invoked to start/stop any block-ack sessions for RX aggregation.

When RX aggregation is started by the peer, the driver is notified via ampdu_action function, with the IEEE80211_AMPDU_RX_START action, and may reject the request in which case a negative response is sent to the peer, if it accepts it a positive response is sent.

While the session is active, the device/driver are required to de-aggregate frames and pass them up one by one to mac80211, which will handle the reorder buffer.

When the aggregation session is stopped again by the peer or ourselves, the driver's ampdu_action function will be called with the action IEEE80211_AMPDU_RX_STOP. In this case, the call must not fail.