Chapter 1. Basic hardware handling

Table of Contents

struct ieee80211_hw — hardware information and state
enum ieee80211_hw_flags — hardware flags
SET_IEEE80211_DEV — set device for 802.11 hardware
SET_IEEE80211_PERM_ADDR — set the permanent MAC address for 802.11 hardware
struct ieee80211_ops — callbacks from mac80211 to the driver
ieee80211_alloc_hw — Allocate a new hardware device
ieee80211_register_hw — Register hardware device
ieee80211_unregister_hw — Unregister a hardware device
ieee80211_free_hw — free hardware descriptor


This chapter shall contain information on getting a hw struct allocated and registered with mac80211.

Since it is required to allocate rates/modes before registering a hw struct, this chapter shall also contain information on setting up the rate/mode structs.

Additionally, some discussion about the callbacks and the general programming model should be in here, including the definition of ieee80211_ops which will be referred to a lot.

Finally, a discussion of hardware capabilities should be done with references to other parts of the book.