ieee80211_sta_eosp — notify mac80211 about end of SP


void ieee80211_sta_eosp (struct ieee80211_sta * pubsta);



the station


When a device transmits frames in a way that it can't tell mac80211 in the TX status about the EOSP, it must clear the IEEE80211_TX_STATUS_EOSP bit and call this function instead. This applies for PS-Poll as well as uAPSD.

Note that just like with _tx_status and _rx drivers must not mix calls to irqsafe/non-irqsafe versions, this function must not be mixed with those either. Use the all irqsafe, or all non-irqsafe, don't mix!

NB: the _irqsafe version of this function doesn't exist, no driver needs it right now. Don't call this function if you'd need the _irqsafe version, look at the git history and restore the _irqsafe version!