freq_reg_info — get regulatory information for the given frequency


const struct ieee80211_reg_rule * freq_reg_info (struct wiphy * wiphy,
 u32 center_freq);



the wiphy for which we want to process this rule for


Frequency in KHz for which we want regulatory information for


Use this function to get the regulatory rule for a specific frequency on a given wireless device. If the device has a specific regulatory domain it wants to follow we respect that unless a country IE has been received and processed already.


A valid pointer, or, when an error occurs, for example if no rule can be found, the return value is encoded using ERR_PTR. Use IS_ERR to check and PTR_ERR to obtain the numeric return value. The numeric return value will be -ERANGE if we determine the given center_freq does not even have a regulatory rule for a frequency range in the center_freq's band. See freq_in_rule_band for our current definition of a band -- this is purely subjective and right now it's 802.11 specific.