2.4.4. ioctl FE_READ_STATUS Name

FE_READ_STATUS - Returns status information about the front-end. This call only requires - read-only access to the device Synopsis


int ioctl(int fd, FE_READ_STATUS, unsigned int *status) Arguments


File descriptor returned by open().


pointer to a bitmask integer filled with the values defined by enum fe_status. Description

All Digital TV frontend devices support the FE_READ_STATUS ioctl. It is used to check about the locking status of the frontend after being tuned. The ioctl takes a pointer to an integer where the status will be written.


The size of status is actually sizeof(enum fe_status), with varies according with the architecture. This needs to be fixed in the future. int fe_status

The fe_status parameter is used to indicate the current state and/or state changes of the frontend hardware. It is produced using the enum fe_status values on a bitmask Return Value

On success 0 is returned.

On error -1 is returned, and the errno variable is set appropriately.

Generic error codes are described at the Generic Error Codes chapter.