DAMON Maintainer Entry Profile

The DAMON subsystem covers the files that are listed in 'DATA ACCESS MONITOR' section of 'MAINTAINERS' file.

The mailing lists for the subsystem are damon@lists.linux.dev and linux-mm@kvack.org. Patches should be made against the mm-unstable tree 1 whenever possible and posted to the mailing lists.

SCM Trees

There are multiple Linux trees for DAMON development. Patches under development or testing are queued in damon/next 2 by the DAMON maintainer. Sufficiently reviewed patches will be queued in mm-unstable 1 by the memory management subsystem maintainer. After more sufficient tests, the patches will be queued in mm-stable 3 , and finally pull-requested to the mainline by the memory management subsystem maintainer.

Note again the patches for review should be made against the mm-unstable tree[1] whenever possible. damon/next is only for preview of others' works in progress.

Submit checklist addendum

When making DAMON changes, you should do below.

  • Build changes related outputs including kernel and documents.

  • Ensure the builds introduce no new errors or warnings.

  • Run and ensure no new failures for DAMON selftests 4 and kunittests 5 .

Further doing below and putting the results will be helpful.

  • Run damon-tests/corr 6 for normal changes.

  • Run damon-tests/perf 7 for performance changes.

Key cycle dates

Patches can be sent anytime. Key cycle dates of the mm-unstable[1] and mm-stable[3] trees depend on the memory management subsystem maintainer.

Review cadence

The DAMON maintainer does the work on the usual work hour (09:00 to 17:00, Mon-Fri) in PST. The response to patches will occasionally be slow. Do not hesitate to send a ping if you have not heard back within a week of sending a patch.