Kernel driver oxp-sensors



Handheld devices from One Netbook and Aya Neo provide fan readings and fan control through their embedded controllers.

Currently only supports AMD boards from One X Player, AOK ZOE, and some Aya Neo devices. One X Player Intel boards could be supported if we could figure out the EC registers and values to write to since the EC layout and model is different. Aya Neo devices preceding the AIR may not be supportable as the EC model is different and do not appear to have manual control capabilities.

Some models have a toggle for changing the behaviour of the "Turbo/Silent" button of the device. It will change the key event that it triggers with a flip of the tt_toggle attribute. See below for boards that support this function.

Supported devices

Currently the driver supports the following handhelds:

  • AOK ZOE A1


  • Aya Neo 2

  • Aya Neo AIR

  • Aya Neo AIR Pro

  • Aya Neo Geek

  • OneXPlayer AMD

  • OneXPlayer mini AMD

  • OneXPlayer mini AMD PRO

"Turbo/Silent" button behaviour toggle is only supported on:
  • AOK ZOE A1


  • OneXPlayer mini AMD (only with updated alpha BIOS)

  • OneXPlayer mini AMD PRO

Sysfs entries

The following attributes are supported:


Read Only. Reads current fan RMP.


Read Write. Enable manual fan control. Write "1" to set to manual, write "0" to let the EC control de fan speed. Read this attribute to see current status.


Read Write. Read this attribute to see current duty cycle in the range [0-255]. When pwm1_enable is set to "1" (manual) write any value in the range [0-255] to set fan speed.


Read Write. Read this attribute to check the status of the turbo/silent button behaviour function. Write "1" to activate the switch and "0" to deactivate it. The specific keycodes and behaviour is specific to the device both with this function on and off. This attribute is attached to the platform driver and not to the hwmon driver (/sys/devices/platform/oxp-platform/tt_toggle)