2.4.3. ioctl FE_GET_INFO Name

FE_GET_INFO - Query Digital TV frontend capabilities and returns information about the - front-end. This call only requires read-only access to the device. Synopsis


int ioctl(int fd, FE_GET_INFO, struct dvb_frontend_info *argp) Arguments


File descriptor returned by open().


pointer to struct dvb_frontend_info Description

All Digital TV frontend devices support the ioctl FE_GET_INFO ioctl. It is used to identify kernel devices compatible with this specification and to obtain information about driver and hardware capabilities. The ioctl takes a pointer to dvb_frontend_info which is filled by the driver. When the driver is not compatible with this specification the ioctl returns an error. frontend capabilities

Capabilities describe what a frontend can do. Some capabilities are supported only on some specific frontend types.

The frontend capabilities are described at fe_caps. Return Value

On success 0 is returned.

On error -1 is returned, and the errno variable is set appropriately.

Generic error codes are described at the Generic Error Codes chapter.