Kernel driver tmp421

Supported chips:


Andre Prendel <>


This driver implements support for Texas Instruments TMP421, TMP422, TMP423, TMP441, and TMP442 temperature sensor chips. These chips implement one local and up to one (TMP421, TMP441), up to two (TMP422, TMP442) or up to three (TMP423) remote sensors. Temperature is measured in degrees Celsius. The chips are wired over I2C/SMBus and specified over a temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees Celsius. Resolution for both the local and remote channels is 0.0625 degree C.

The chips support only temperature measurement. The driver exports the temperature values via the following sysfs files:



Each sensor can be individually disabled via Devicetree or from sysfs via:


If labels were specified in Devicetree, additional sysfs files will be present: