2.4.13. ioctl FE_SET_FRONTEND_TUNE_MODE Name

FE_SET_FRONTEND_TUNE_MODE - Allow setting tuner mode flags to the frontend. Synopsis


int ioctl(int fd, FE_SET_FRONTEND_TUNE_MODE, unsigned int flags) Arguments


File descriptor returned by open().


Valid flags:

  • 0 - normal tune mode

  • FE_TUNE_MODE_ONESHOT - When set, this flag will disable any zigzagging or other "normal" tuning behaviour. Additionally, there will be no automatic monitoring of the lock status, and hence no frontend events will be generated. If a frontend device is closed, this flag will be automatically turned off when the device is reopened read-write. Description

Allow setting tuner mode flags to the frontend, between 0 (normal) or FE_TUNE_MODE_ONESHOT mode Return Value

On success 0 is returned.

On error -1 is returned, and the errno variable is set appropriately.

Generic error codes are described at the Generic Error Codes chapter.