Driver for Western Digital WD7193, WD7197 and WD7296 SCSI cardsΒΆ

The card requires firmware that can be cut out of the Windows NT driver that can be downloaded from WD at:

There is no license anywhere in the file or on the page - so the firmware probably cannot be added to linux-firmware.

This script downloads and extracts the firmware, creating wd719x-risc.bin and d719x-wcs.bin files. Put them in /lib/firmware/:

lha xi pciscsi.exe pci-scsi.exe
lha xi pci-scsi.exe nt/wd7296a.sys
rm pci-scsi.exe
dd if=wd7296a.sys of=wd719x-risc.bin bs=1 skip=5760 count=14336
dd if=wd7296a.sys of=wd719x-wcs.bin bs=1 skip=20096 count=514
rm wd7296a.sys