MPTCP Sysfs variables

/proc/sys/net/mptcp/* Variables

enabled - BOOLEAN

Control whether MPTCP sockets can be created.

MPTCP sockets can be created if the value is 1. This is a per-namespace sysctl.

Default: 1 (enabled)

add_addr_timeout - INTEGER (seconds)

Set the timeout after which an ADD_ADDR control message will be resent to an MPTCP peer that has not acknowledged a previous ADD_ADDR message.

The default value matches TCP_RTO_MAX. This is a per-namespace sysctl.

Default: 120

checksum_enabled - BOOLEAN

Control whether DSS checksum can be enabled.

DSS checksum can be enabled if the value is nonzero. This is a per-namespace sysctl.

Default: 0

allow_join_initial_addr_port - BOOLEAN

Allow peers to send join requests to the IP address and port number used by the initial subflow if the value is 1. This controls a flag that is sent to the peer at connection time, and whether such join requests are accepted or denied.

Joins to addresses advertised with ADD_ADDR are not affected by this value.

This is a per-namespace sysctl.

Default: 1

pm_type - INTEGER

Set the default path manager type to use for each new MPTCP socket. In-kernel path management will control subflow connections and address advertisements according to per-namespace values configured over the MPTCP netlink API. Userspace path management puts per-MPTCP-connection subflow connection decisions and address advertisements under control of a privileged userspace program, at the cost of more netlink traffic to propagate all of the related events and commands.

This is a per-namespace sysctl.

  • 0 - In-kernel path manager

  • 1 - Userspace path manager

Default: 0

stale_loss_cnt - INTEGER

The number of MPTCP-level retransmission intervals with no traffic and pending outstanding data on a given subflow required to declare it stale. The packet scheduler ignores stale subflows. A low stale_loss_cnt value allows for fast active-backup switch-over, an high value maximize links utilization on edge scenarios e.g. lossy link with high BER or peer pausing the data processing.

This is a per-namespace sysctl.

Default: 4