SMC Sysctl

/proc/sys/net/smc/* Variables

autocorking_size - INTEGER

Setting SMC auto corking size: SMC auto corking is like TCP auto corking from the application’s perspective of view. When applications do consecutive small write()/sendmsg() system calls, we try to coalesce these small writes as much as possible, to lower total amount of CDC and RDMA Write been sent. autocorking_size limits the maximum corked bytes that can be sent to the under device in 1 single sending. If set to 0, the SMC auto corking is disabled. Applications can still use TCP_CORK for optimal behavior when they know how/when to uncork their sockets.

Default: 64K

smcr_buf_type - INTEGER

Controls which type of sndbufs and RMBs to use in later newly created SMC-R link group. Only for SMC-R.

Default: 0 (physically contiguous sndbufs and RMBs)

Possible values:

  • 0 - Use physically contiguous buffers

  • 1 - Use virtually contiguous buffers

  • 2 - Mixed use of the two types. Try physically contiguous buffers first. If not available, use virtually contiguous buffers then.