Samsung/Meritech SMDK2440


The SMDK2440 is a two part evaluation board for the Samsung S3C2440 processor. It includes support for LCD, SmartMedia, Audio, SD and 10MBit Ethernet, and expansion headers for various signals, including the camera and unused GPIO.


To set the default configuration, use make smdk2440_defconfig which will configure the common features of this board, or use make s3c2410_config to include support for all s3c2410/s3c2440 machines


Ben Dooks’ SMDK2440 site at which includes linux based USB download tools.

Some of the h1940 patches that can be found from the H1940 project site at can also be applied to this board.


There is no current support for any of the extra peripherals on the base-board itself.


The NAND flash should be supported by the in kernel MTD NAND support, NOR flash will be added later.


This board is being maintained by Ben Dooks, for more info, see

Many thanks to Dimitry Andric of TomTom for the loan of the SMDK2440, and to Simtec Electronics for allowing me time to work on this.

  1. 2004 Ben Dooks