5.3. Platform drivers

There are several drivers that are focused on providing support for functionality that are already included at the main board, and don’t use neither USB nor PCI bus. Those drivers are called platform drivers, and are very popular on embedded devices.

The current supported of platform drivers (not including staging drivers) are listed below

Driver Name
am437x-vpfe TI AM437x VPFE
aspeed-video Aspeed AST2400 and AST2500
atmel-isc ATMEL Image Sensor Controller (ISC)
atmel-isi ATMEL Image Sensor Interface (ISI)
c8sectpfe SDR platform devices
c8sectpfe SDR platform devices
cafe_ccic Marvell 88ALP01 (Cafe) CMOS Camera Controller
cdns-csi2rx Cadence MIPI-CSI2 RX Controller
cdns-csi2tx Cadence MIPI-CSI2 TX Controller
coda-vpu Chips&Media Coda multi-standard codec IP
dm355_ccdc TI DM355 CCDC video capture
dm644x_ccdc TI DM6446 CCDC video capture
exynos-fimc-is EXYNOS4x12 FIMC-IS (Imaging Subsystem)
exynos-fimc-lite EXYNOS FIMC-LITE camera interface
exynos-gsc Samsung Exynos G-Scaler
exy Samsung S5P/EXYNOS4 SoC series Camera Subsystem
fsl-viu Freescale VIU
imx-pxp i.MX Pixel Pipeline (PXP)
isdf TI DM365 ISIF video capture
mmp_camera Marvell Armada 610 integrated camera controller
mtk_jpeg Mediatek JPEG Codec
mtk-mdp Mediatek MDP
mtk-vcodec-dec Mediatek Video Codec
mtk-vpu Mediatek Video Processor Unit
mx2_emmaprp MX2 eMMa-PrP
omap3-isp OMAP 3 Camera
omap-vout OMAP2/OMAP3 V4L2-Display
pxa_camera PXA27x Quick Capture Interface
qcom-camss Qualcomm V4L2 Camera Subsystem
rcar-csi2 R-Car MIPI CSI-2 Receiver
rcar_drif Renesas Digital Radio Interface (DRIF)
rcar-fcp Renesas Frame Compression Processor
rcar_fdp1 Renesas Fine Display Processor
rcar_jpu Renesas JPEG Processing Unit
rcar-vin R-Car Video Input (VIN)
renesas-ceu Renesas Capture Engine Unit (CEU)
rockchip-rga Rockchip Raster 2d Graphic Acceleration Unit
s3c-camif Samsung S3C24XX/S3C64XX SoC Camera Interface
s5p-csis S5P/EXYNOS MIPI-CSI2 receiver (MIPI-CSIS)
s5p-fimc S5P/EXYNOS4 FIMC/CAMIF camera interface
s5p-g2d Samsung S5P and EXYNOS4 G2D 2d graphics accelerator
s5p-jpeg Samsung S5P/Exynos3250/Exynos4 JPEG codec
s5p-mfc Samsung S5P MFC Video Codec
sh_veu SuperH VEU mem2mem video processing
sh_vou SuperH VOU video output
stm32-dcmi STM32 Digital Camera Memory Interface (DCMI)
sun4i-csi Allwinner A10 CMOS Sensor Interface Support
sun6i-csi Allwinner V3s Camera Sensor Interface
sun8i-di Allwinner Deinterlace
sun8i-rotate Allwinner DE2 rotation
ti-cal TI Memory-to-memory multimedia devices
ti-csc TI DVB platform devices
ti-vpe TI VPE (Video Processing Engine)
venus-enc Qualcomm Venus V4L2 encoder/decoder
via-camera VIAFB camera controller
video-mux Video Multiplexer
vpif_display TI DaVinci VPIF V4L2-Display
vpif_capture TI DaVinci VPIF video capture
vpss TI DaVinci VPBE V4L2-Display
vsp1 Renesas VSP1 Video Processing Engine
xilinx-tpg Xilinx Video Test Pattern Generator
xilinx-video Xilinx Video IP (EXPERIMENTAL)
xilinx-vtc Xilinx Video Timing Controller

5.3.1. MMC/SDIO DVB adapters

Driver Name
smssdio Siano SMS1xxx based MDTV via SDIO interface