5.5. I²C drivers

The I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) bus is a three-wires bus used internally at the media cards for communication between different chips. While the bus is not visible to the Linux Kernel, drivers need to send and receive commands via the bus. The Linux Kernel driver abstraction has support to implement different drivers for each component inside an I²C bus, as if the bus were visible to the main system board.

One of the problems with I²C devices is that sometimes the same device may work with different I²C hardware. This is common, for example, on devices that comes with a tuner for North America market, and another one for Europe. Some drivers have a tuner= modprobe parameter to allow using a different tuner number in order to address such issue.

The current supported of I²C drivers (not including staging drivers) are listed below.

5.5.1. Audio decoders, processors and mixers

Driver Name
cs3308 Cirrus Logic CS3308 audio ADC
cs5345 Cirrus Logic CS5345 audio ADC
cs53l32a Cirrus Logic CS53L32A audio ADC
msp3400 Micronas MSP34xx audio decoders
sony-btf-mpx Sony BTF’s internal MPX
tda1997x NXP TDA1997x HDMI receiver
tda7432 Philips TDA7432 audio processor
tda9840 Philips TDA9840 audio processor
tea6415c Philips TEA6415C audio processor
tea6420 Philips TEA6420 audio processor
tlv320aic23b Texas Instruments TLV320AIC23B audio codec
tvaudio Simple audio decoder chips
uda1342 Philips UDA1342 audio codec
vp27smpx Panasonic VP27’s internal MPX
wm8739 Wolfson Microelectronics WM8739 stereo audio ADC
wm8775 Wolfson Microelectronics WM8775 audio ADC with input mixer

5.5.2. Audio/Video compression chips

Driver Name
saa6752hs Philips SAA6752HS MPEG-2 Audio/Video Encoder

5.5.3. Camera sensor devices

Driver Name
et8ek8 ET8EK8 camera sensor
hi556 Hynix Hi-556 sensor
imx214 Sony IMX214 sensor
imx219 Sony IMX219 sensor
imx258 Sony IMX258 sensor
imx274 Sony IMX274 sensor
imx290 Sony IMX290 sensor
imx319 Sony IMX319 sensor
imx355 Sony IMX355 sensor
m5mols Fujitsu M-5MOLS 8MP sensor
mt9m001 mt9m001
mt9m032 MT9M032 camera sensor
mt9m111 mt9m111, mt9m112 and mt9m131
mt9p031 Aptina MT9P031
mt9t001 Aptina MT9T001
mt9t112 Aptina MT9T111/MT9T112
mt9v011 Micron mt9v011 sensor
mt9v032 Micron MT9V032 sensor
mt9v111 Aptina MT9V111 sensor
noon010pc30 Siliconfile NOON010PC30 sensor
ov13858 OmniVision OV13858 sensor
ov2640 OmniVision OV2640 sensor
ov2659 OmniVision OV2659 sensor
ov2680 OmniVision OV2680 sensor
ov2685 OmniVision OV2685 sensor
ov5640 OmniVision OV5640 sensor
ov5645 OmniVision OV5645 sensor
ov5647 OmniVision OV5647 sensor
ov5670 OmniVision OV5670 sensor
ov5675 OmniVision OV5675 sensor
ov5695 OmniVision OV5695 sensor
ov6650 OmniVision OV6650 sensor
ov7251 OmniVision OV7251 sensor
ov7640 OmniVision OV7640 sensor
ov7670 OmniVision OV7670 sensor
ov772x OmniVision OV772x sensor
ov7740 OmniVision OV7740 sensor
ov8856 OmniVision OV8856 sensor
ov9640 OmniVision OV9640 sensor
ov9650 OmniVision OV9650/OV9652 sensor
rj54n1cb0c Sharp RJ54N1CB0C sensor
s5c73m3 Samsung S5C73M3 sensor
s5k4ecgx Samsung S5K4ECGX sensor
s5k5baf Samsung S5K5BAF sensor
s5k6a3 Samsung S5K6A3 sensor
s5k6aa Samsung S5K6AAFX sensor
smiapp SMIA++/SMIA sensor
sr030pc30 Siliconfile SR030PC30 sensor
vs6624 ST VS6624 sensor

5.5.4. Flash devices

Driver Name
adp1653 ADP1653 flash
lm3560 LM3560 dual flash driver
lm3646 LM3646 dual flash driver

5.5.5. IR I2C driver

Driver Name
ir-kbd-i2c I2C module for IR

5.5.6. Lens drivers

Driver Name
ad5820 AD5820 lens voice coil
ak7375 AK7375 lens voice coil
dw9714 DW9714 lens voice coil
dw9807-vcm DW9807 lens voice coil

5.5.7. Miscellaneous helper chips

Driver Name
video-i2c I2C transport video
m52790 Mitsubishi M52790 A/V switch
st-mipid02 STMicroelectronics MIPID02 CSI-2 to PARALLEL bridge
ths7303 THS7303/53 Video Amplifier

5.5.8. RDS decoders

Driver Name
saa6588 SAA6588 Radio Chip RDS decoder

5.5.9. SDR tuner chips

Driver Name
max2175 Maxim 2175 RF to Bits tuner

5.5.10. Video and audio decoders

Driver Name
cx25840 Conexant CX2584x audio/video decoders
saa717x Philips SAA7171/3/4 audio/video decoders

5.5.11. Video decoders

Driver Name
adv7180 Analog Devices ADV7180 decoder
adv7183 Analog Devices ADV7183 decoder
adv748x Analog Devices ADV748x decoder
adv7604 Analog Devices ADV7604 decoder
adv7842 Analog Devices ADV7842 decoder
bt819 BT819A VideoStream decoder
bt856 BT856 VideoStream decoder
bt866 BT866 VideoStream decoder
ks0127 KS0127 video decoder
ml86v7667 OKI ML86V7667 video decoder
saa7110 Philips SAA7110 video decoder
saa7115 Philips SAA7111/3/4/5 video decoders
tc358743 Toshiba TC358743 decoder
tvp514x Texas Instruments TVP514x video decoder
tvp5150 Texas Instruments TVP5150 video decoder
tvp7002 Texas Instruments TVP7002 video decoder
tw2804 Techwell TW2804 multiple video decoder
tw9903 Techwell TW9903 video decoder
tw9906 Techwell TW9906 video decoder
tw9910 Techwell TW9910 video decoder
vpx3220 vpx3220a, vpx3216b & vpx3214c video decoders

5.5.12. Video encoders

Driver Name
ad9389b Analog Devices AD9389B encoder
adv7170 Analog Devices ADV7170 video encoder
adv7175 Analog Devices ADV7175 video encoder
adv7343 ADV7343 video encoder
adv7393 ADV7393 video encoder
adv7511-v4l2 Analog Devices ADV7511 encoder
ak881x AK8813/AK8814 video encoders
saa7127 Philips SAA7127/9 digital video encoders
saa7185 Philips SAA7185 video encoder
ths8200 Texas Instruments THS8200 video encoder

5.5.13. Video improvement chips

Driver Name
upd64031a NEC Electronics uPD64031A Ghost Reduction
upd64083 NEC Electronics uPD64083 3-Dimensional Y/C separation

5.5.14. Tuner drivers

Driver Name
e4000 Elonics E4000 silicon tuner
fc0011 Fitipower FC0011 silicon tuner
fc0012 Fitipower FC0012 silicon tuner
fc0013 Fitipower FC0013 silicon tuner
fc2580 FCI FC2580 silicon tuner
it913x ITE Tech IT913x silicon tuner
m88rs6000t Montage M88RS6000 internal tuner
max2165 Maxim MAX2165 silicon tuner
mc44s803 Freescale MC44S803 Low Power CMOS Broadband tuners
msi001 Mirics MSi001
mt2060 Microtune MT2060 silicon IF tuner
mt2063 Microtune MT2063 silicon IF tuner
mt20xx Microtune 2032 / 2050 tuners
mt2131 Microtune MT2131 silicon tuner
mt2266 Microtune MT2266 silicon tuner
mxl301rf MaxLinear MxL301RF tuner
mxl5005s MaxLinear MSL5005S silicon tuner
mxl5007t MaxLinear MxL5007T silicon tuner
qm1d1b0004 Sharp QM1D1B0004 tuner
qm1d1c0042 Sharp QM1D1C0042 tuner
qt1010 Quantek QT1010 silicon tuner
r820t Rafael Micro R820T silicon tuner
si2157 Silicon Labs Si2157 silicon tuner
tuner-types Simple tuner support
tda18212 NXP TDA18212 silicon tuner
tda18218 NXP TDA18218 silicon tuner
tda18250 NXP TDA18250 silicon tuner
tda18271 NXP TDA18271 silicon tuner
tda827x Philips TDA827X silicon tuner
tda8290 TDA 8290/8295 + 8275(a)/18271 tuner combo
tda9887 TDA 9885/6/7 analog IF demodulator
tea5761 TEA 5761 radio tuner
tea5767 TEA 5767 radio tuner
tua9001 Infineon TUA9001 silicon tuner
tuner-xc2028 XCeive xc2028/xc3028 tuners
xc4000 Xceive XC4000 silicon tuner
xc5000 Xceive XC5000 silicon tuner