What is efifb?

This is a generic EFI platform driver for Intel based Apple computers. efifb is only for EFI booted Intel Macs.

Supported Hardware

  • iMac 17”/20”
  • Macbook
  • Macbook Pro 15”/17”
  • MacMini

How to use it?

efifb does not have any kind of autodetection of your machine. You have to add the following kernel parameters in your elilo.conf:

Macbook :
MacMini :
Macbook Pro 15", iMac 17" :
Macbook Pro 17", iMac 20" :

Accepted options:

nowc Don’t map the framebuffer write combined. This can be used to workaround side-effects and slowdowns on other CPU cores when large amounts of console data are written.

Edgar Hucek <gimli@dark-green.com>