NetWinder specific documentation

The NetWinder is a small low-power computer, primarily designed to run Linux. It is based around the StrongARM RISC processor, DC21285 PCI bridge, with PC-type hardware glued around it.

Port usage

Min Max Description
0x0000 0x000f DMA1
0x0020 0x0021 PIC1
0x0060 0x006f Keyboard
0x0070 0x007f RTC
0x0080 0x0087 DMA1
0x0088 0x008f DMA2
0x00a0 0x00a3 PIC2
0x00c0 0x00df DMA2
0x0180 0x0187 IRDA
0x01f0 0x01f6 ide0
0x0201   Game port
0x0203   RWA010 configuration read
0x0220 ? SoundBlaster
0x0250 ? WaveArtist
0x0279   RWA010 configuration index
0x02f8 0x02ff Serial ttyS1
0x0300 0x031f Ether10
0x0338   GPIO1
0x033a   GPIO2
0x0370 0x0371 W83977F configuration registers
0x0388 ? AdLib
0x03c0 0x03df VGA
0x03f6   ide0
0x03f8 0x03ff Serial ttyS0
0x0400 0x0408 DC21143
0x0480 0x0487 DMA1
0x0488 0x048f DMA2
0x0a79   RWA010 configuration write
0xe800 0xe80f ide0/ide1 BM DMA

Interrupt usage

IRQ type Description
0 ISA 100Hz timer
1 ISA Keyboard
2 ISA cascade
3 ISA Serial ttyS1
4 ISA Serial ttyS0
5 ISA PS/2 mouse
7 ISA Printer
8 ISA RTC alarm
9 ISA  
10 ISA GP10 (Orange reset button)
11 ISA  
12 ISA WaveArtist
13 ISA  
14 ISA hda1
15 ISA  

DMA usage

DMA type Description
1 ISA  
2 ISA cascade
3 ISA WaveArtist
4 ISA  
5 ISA  
6 ISA  
7 ISA WaveArtist