2.12.3. V4L2_TCH_FMT_TU16 (‘TU16’)

man V4L2_TCH_FMT_TU16(2)

16-bit unsigned little endian raw touch data Description

This format represents unsigned 16-bit data from a touch controller.

This may be used for output for raw and reference data. Values may range from 0 to 65535.

Byte Order. Each cell is one byte.

start + 0: R’00low R’00high R’01low R’01high R’02low R’02high R’03low R’03high
start + 8: R’10low R’10high R’11low R’11high R’12low R’12high R’13low R’13high
start + 16: R’20low R’20high R’21low R’21high R’22low R’22high R’23low R’23high
start + 24: R’30low R’30high R’31low R’31high R’32low R’32high R’33low R’33high