2.12.1. V4L2_TCH_FMT_DELTA_TD16 (‘TD16’)

man V4L2_TCH_FMT_DELTA_TD16(2)

16-bit signed little endian Touch Delta Description

This format represents delta data from a touch controller.

Delta values may range from -32768 to 32767. Typically the values will vary through a small range depending on whether the sensor is touched or not. The full value may be seen if one of the touchscreen nodes has a fault or the line is not connected.

Byte Order. Each cell is one byte.

start + 0: D’00low D’00high D’01low D’01high D’02low D’02high D’03low D’03high
start + 8: D’10low D’10high D’11low D’11high D’12low D’12high D’13low D’13high
start + 16: D’20low D’20high D’21low D’21high D’22low D’22high D’23low D’23high
start + 24: D’30low D’30high D’31low D’31high D’32low D’32high D’33low D’33high