2.11.6. V4L2_SDR_FMT_PCU16BE (‘PC16’)

Planar complex unsigned 16-bit big endian IQ sample Description

This format contains a sequence of complex number samples. Each complex number consist of two parts called In-phase and Quadrature (IQ). Both I and Q are represented as a 16 bit unsigned big endian number stored in 32 bit space. The remaining unused bits within the 32 bit space will be padded with 0. I value starts first and Q value starts at an offset equalling half of the buffer size (i.e.) offset = buffersize/2. Out of the 16 bits, bit 15:2 (14 bit) is data and bit 1:0 (2 bit) can be any value.

Byte Order. Each cell is one byte.

Offset: Byte B0 Byte B1 Byte B2 Byte B3
start + 0: I’0[13:6] I’0[5:0]; B1[1:0]=pad pad pad
start + 4: I’1[13:6] I’1[5:0]; B1[1:0]=pad pad pad
start + offset: Q’0[13:6] Q’0[5:0]; B1[1:0]=pad pad pad
start + offset + 4: Q’1[13:6] Q’1[5:0]; B1[1:0]=pad pad pad