2.7.7. V4L2_PIX_FMT_Y10P (‘Y10P’)

Grey-scale image as a MIPI RAW10 packed array Description

This is a packed grey-scale image format with a depth of 10 bits per pixel. Every four consecutive pixels are packed into 5 bytes. Each of the first 4 bytes contain the 8 high order bits of the pixels, and the 5th byte contains the 2 least significants bits of each pixel, in the same order.

Bit-packed representation.

Y’00[9:2] Y’01[9:2] Y’02[9:2] Y’03[9:2] Y’03[1:0](bits 7–6) Y’02[1:0](bits 5–4) Y’01[1:0](bits 3–2) Y’00[1:0](bits 1–0)