dvb video open() Name

dvb video open()


This ioctl is deprecated. Synopsis

int open(const char *deviceName, int flags) Arguments

const char *deviceName Name of specific video device.
int flags A bit-wise OR of the following flags:
  O_RDONLY read-only access
  O_RDWR read/write access
  O_NONBLOCK open in non-blocking mode
  (blocking mode is the default) Description

This system call opens a named video device (e.g. /dev/dvb/adapter0/video0) for subsequent use.

When an open() call has succeeded, the device will be ready for use. The significance of blocking or non-blocking mode is described in the documentation for functions where there is a difference. It does not affect the semantics of the open() call itself. A device opened in blocking mode can later be put into non-blocking mode (and vice versa) using the F_SETFL command of the fcntl system call. This is a standard system call, documented in the Linux manual page for fcntl. Only one user can open the Video Device in O_RDWR mode. All other attempts to open the device in this mode will fail, and an error-code will be returned. If the Video Device is opened in O_RDONLY mode, the only ioctl call that can be used is VIDEO_GET_STATUS. All other call will return an error code. Return Value

ENODEV Device driver not loaded/available.
EINTERNAL Internal error.
EBUSY Device or resource busy.
EINVAL Invalid argument.