Part II - Digital TV API


This API is also known as DVB API, although it is generic enough to support all digital TV standards.

Version 5.10

Table of Contents

Revision History

revision:2.1.0 / 2015-05-29 (mcc)

DocBook improvements and cleanups, in order to document the system calls on a more standard way and provide more description about the current DVB API.

revision:2.0.4 / 2011-05-06 (mcc)

Add more information about DVB APIv5, better describing the frontend GET/SET props ioctl’s.

revision:2.0.3 / 2010-07-03 (mcc)

Add some frontend capabilities flags, present on kernel, but missing at the specs.

revision:2.0.2 / 2009-10-25 (mcc)


revision:2.0.1 / 2009-09-16 (mcc)

Added ISDB-T test originally written by Patrick Boettcher

revision:2.0.0 / 2009-09-06 (mcc)

Conversion from LaTex to DocBook XML. The contents is the same as the original LaTex version.

revision:1.0.0 / 2003-07-24 (rjkm)

Initial revision on LaTEX.