5.4.5. ioctls LIRC_GET_REC_MODE and LIRC_SET_REC_MODE Name

LIRC_GET_REC_MODE/LIRC_SET_REC_MODE - Get/set current receive mode. Synopsis

int ioctl(int fd, LIRC_GET_REC_MODE, __u32 *mode)
int ioctl(int fd, LIRC_SET_REC_MODE, __u32 *mode) Arguments

File descriptor returned by open().
Mode used for receive. Description

Get and set the current receive mode. Only LIRC_MODE_MODE2 and LIRC_MODE_SCANCODE are supported. Use ioctl LIRC_GET_FEATURES to find out which modes the driver supports. Return Value

ENODEV Device not available.
ENOTTY Device does not support receiving.
EINVAL Invalid mode or invalid mode for this device.