2.6.9. V4L2_PIX_FMT_Y12I (‘Y12I’)

Interleaved grey-scale image, e.g. from a stereo-pair Description

This is a grey-scale image with a depth of 12 bits per pixel, but with pixels from 2 sources interleaved and bit-packed. Each pixel is stored in a 24-bit word in the little-endian order. On a little-endian machine these pixels can be deinterlaced using

__u8 *buf;
left0 = 0xfff & *(__u16 *)buf;
right0 = *(__u16 *)(buf + 1) >> 4;

Bit-packed representation. pixels cross the byte boundary and have a ratio of 3 bytes for each interleaved pixel.

Y’0left[7:0] Y’0right[3:0]Y’0left[11:8] Y’0right[11:4]