Device-Mapper’s “delay” target delays reads and/or writes and maps them to different devices.


<device> <offset> <delay> [<write_device> <write_offset> <write_delay>
                           [<flush_device> <flush_offset> <flush_delay>]]

With separate write parameters, the first set is only used for reads. Offsets are specified in sectors. Delays are specified in milliseconds.

Example scripts

# Create device delaying rw operation for 500ms
echo "0 `blockdev --getsz $1` delay $1 0 500" | dmsetup create delayed
# Create device delaying only write operation for 500ms and
# splitting reads and writes to different devices $1 $2
echo "0 `blockdev --getsz $1` delay $1 0 0 $2 0 500" | dmsetup create delayed