PCI vDPA driver for the AMD/Pensando(R) DSC adapter family

AMD/Pensando vDPA VF Device Driver

Copyright(c) 2023 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc


The pds_vdpa driver is an auxiliary bus driver that supplies a vDPA device for use by the virtio network stack. It is used with the Pensando Virtual Function devices that offer vDPA and virtio queue services. It depends on the pds_core driver and hardware for the PF and VF PCI handling as well as for device configuration services.

Using the device

The pds_vdpa device is enabled via multiple configuration steps and depends on the pds_core driver to create and enable SR-IOV Virtual Function devices. After the VFs are enabled, we enable the vDPA service in the pds_core device to create the auxiliary devices used by pds_vdpa.

Example steps:


modprobe pds_core
modprobe vdpa
modprobe pds_vdpa

PF_BDF=`ls /sys/module/pds_core/drivers/pci\:pds_core/*/sriov_numvfs | awk -F / '{print $7}'`

# Enable vDPA VF auxiliary device(s) in the PF
devlink dev param set pci/$PF_BDF name enable_vnet cmode runtime value true

# Create a VF for vDPA use
echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/drivers/pds_core/$PF_BDF/sriov_numvfs

# Find the vDPA services/devices available
PDS_VDPA_MGMT=`vdpa mgmtdev show | grep vDPA | head -1 | cut -d: -f1`

# Create a vDPA device for use in virtio network configurations
vdpa dev add name vdpa1 mgmtdev $PDS_VDPA_MGMT mac 00:11:22:33:44:55

# Set up an ethernet interface on the vdpa device
modprobe virtio_vdpa

Enabling the driver

The driver is enabled via the standard kernel configuration system, using the make command:

make oldconfig/menuconfig/etc.

The driver is located in the menu structure at:

-> Device Drivers
-> Network device support (NETDEVICES [=y])
-> Ethernet driver support
-> Pensando devices

-> Pensando Ethernet PDS_VDPA Support


For general Linux networking support, please use the netdev mailing list, which is monitored by Pensando personnel:


For more specific support needs, please use the Pensando driver support email: