Secure Networking - An Introduction to Virtual Private Networks

Tina Bird, Secure Networking Group

Who should attend: System administrators and network managers responsible for remote access and wide area networks within their organization. You should be familiar with TCP/IP networking and fundamental network security, although some review is provided. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a step-by-step guide to evaluating an organization's VPN requirements, selecting the appropriate technology, and implementing it within a pre-existing security infrastructure.

Virtual private networking technology provides a flexible mechanism for addressing connectivity needs within many organizations. This class focuses on assessing business and technical requirements for remote access and extranet connections; evaluating VPN technology; integrating VPNs within an existing network infrastructure; and common implementation difficulties.

Topics covered include:

  • VPN security features (encryption, access control, NAT)
  • How VPNs protect against common Internet threats
  • Assessing your organization's needs for remote access VPN architectures and where they fit
  • A brief review of commercial VPN products
  • Implementing VPN technology within your organization's network
  • Common VPN difficulties
After completing this course, students will be ready to evaluate their requirements for remote access and begin testing commercial VPN implementations.

About the Instructor:

Tina Bird is a security analyst at Secure Network Group, a consulting specializing in the installation and management of secure wide-area networks. She has implemented and managed a variety of wide-area-network security technologies, such as firewalls and VPN packages; built and supported extranet and intranet remote access packages; and developed, implemented and enforced corporate IS security policies in a variety of environments. Her main focus in the last year has been on the evaluation and implementation of virtual private networking solutions in small to mid-sized networks (40 to 4000 hosts). Tina is the moderator of the Virtual Private Networks mailing list. She has a MS and PhD in astrophysics from the University of Minnesota.

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