Greg Kulosa, GNAC, Inc.

Who should attend: Anyone with two or more networked clients, who wants to automatically distribute network information to those clients. You should have a basic knowledge of TCP/IP and typical network set-up. You should also understand procedures for installing/working with basic Linux systems administration.

We will cover the DHCP & DNS protocols, and how these protocols fit into a typical network. We will cover the ISC DHCP servers for DHCP & DNS. We will cover both Windows 95/NT and Linux clients.

DHCP can be used to distribute IP address, router, DNS, WINS and other information to network clients, without needing to visit each machine and manually configure them. DNS is the Domain Name Service, and is the system by which Internet TCP/IP hosts lookup host addresses and network services.

In specific, the following topics will be covered:

  • DHCP & DNS protocol in-depth
  • Compiling/Installing the DHCP server
  • Daily maintenance of DHCP & DNS servers
  • How to integrate DHCP info into DNS (And do you really need to...)
  • Debugging problems when they occur
  • Useful reference materials
(Please note that the is NOT a tutorial on integrating DHCP & DNS, it simply covers both topics in the same tutorial)

About the Instructor:

Greg Kulosa has been a UNIX Systems Administrator for over 8 years. He is currently a Senior consultant, solving a myriad of host and networking problems for a variety of clients. In his spare time, he trains and grooms his American Quarter Horse, Jane, and goes on regular trail rides in the hills around San Francisco bay.

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