Image manipulation with the GIMP

Karin Kylander and Olof S Kylander, Frozenriver Digital Design

Who should attend: Web creators, programmers and designers who have a limited experience of image manipulation and creation. People who use Windows programs or old fashioned UNIX/Linux programs to create graphics in an otherwise UNIX/Linux-based environment. Participants should have basic knowledge and understanding of UNIX/Linux, programming, web technologies and networking, but expertise is not required.

This tutorial teaches how to create graphics effectively in what might be the most powerful tool existing in the UNIX/Linux world, namely the GIMP. The GIMP is a Open Source image manipulation and a worthy contender to Adobe PhotoShop, when it comes to online distributed graphics. GIMP has exceptionally strong support of scripting with several languages available. But that's not - all GIMP also has some features rarely found in other image manipulation programs, such as database integration. This tutorial will unleash the power of GIMP and its extensions.

Topic include:

  • General usage of GIMP
  • How to use Selections, Layers, Channels, and Masks effectively
  • Odd parts in GIMP; things to think of when you work with GIMP
  • What tools to use when you create online graphics
  • Standard operations, and usage of the tools
  • Animations with GIMP: advanced MPEG editing and online GIF animations
  • How to create icons and what to consider when you create icons
  • How to create scripts in GIMP to automate routine tasks, such as:
    • Image correction
    • Special effects
    • Headers and buttons for online graphics
  • How to use/setup GIMP's own database to store your images effectively
  • How to search and fetch images from the database outside GIMP
After completing this tutorial, you will the knowledge to create graphics with GIMP. You will also know how to use powerful extensions of GIMP. Last, but not least, you will know which approach is best to use when they create graphics.

About the Instructors:

Karin and Olof Kylander are the authors of The GIMP User's Manual, is the official 1000+ page manual for GIMP, published by MITP in Germany and Coriolis in the USA. Karin is a computer designer and illustrator, with a Master's degree in Architecture at the Chalmers' University of Technology. She has been working with and teach graphic designs and art since 1985. Olof is a UNIX Network System Administrator. He received his formal computer education at the Chalmers University of Technology. He has been into computers since the early 80's.

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