Network Administration

Bryan C. Andregg, Red Hat Software

Who should attend: This tutorial is directed at system administrators who are implementing Network Services and are looking for a background in the configuration of those services as well as basics of the protocols and performance tuning. You should have used or been the client of an IP network before and have a basic knowledge of systems administration, but do not need to be a experienced network administrator. Both new network administrators and Gurus will leave the tutorial having learned something.

From a stand-alone client attached to the Internet to a distributed network of web servers, Systems Administrators are being tasked with bring their office environments on-line. The Network Services that need to be configured in order to this can be daunting to Administrators who aren't familiar with the applications required to do this. Configuration examples as well as brief overviews of the under-lying protocols will give the usable examples that work after the conference. The following areas will be covered with a special emphasis on security:

  • Networking Overview
  • Client Networking
  • Serving Networked Clients
  • Network Services:
    SSH - Secure Shell
    FTP - File Transfer
    HTTP - Web
    SMTP - Mail
    NFS - Network File Systems
    DHCP - Dynamic Networking
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Neat Network Tricks
  • Up and Coming Topics:
    VPN - Virtual Private Networks
    IPv6 - The future of IP(?)
At the completion of the course attendees should feel confident in their ability to setup and maintain secure Network Services. The tutorial will be conducted in an open manner that encourages question and answer interruption.

About the Instructor:

Bryan C. Andregg is the Director of MIS at Red Hat Software where he has held that position for almost two years. During that time he has overseen combining two nationally-distinct offices, moving the entire organization twice, and has finally been allowed to hire an assistant.

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