1999 ALS T-Shirts

1999 Atlanta Linux Showcase collector's item Tshirts! Almost as collectible as Pokemon cards and a lot more fun to wear.

Copyright 1999, Atlanta Linux Showcase

The OS Wars shirt was given to the first 100 conference registrants and assorted other luminaries. CmdrTaco at Slashdot dubbed it the best giveaway at Linux Expo. It was a limited-edition run and is no longer available (but you can have mine for $500 :-)

Copyright 1999, Atlanta Linux Showcase

Copyright 1999, Atlanta Linux Showcase

The Dancing Penguins, printed on a tye-dyed T, are available from Linux Central. They are being sold to raise funds for the Atlanta Linux Showcase. Too cool! Grow your hair long to complete the look.

Sistine Chapel T-Shirt
coming soon

The Sistine Chapel shirt, depicting Linus, Alan, Eric, and maddog (sorry, we didn't have room for everyone) giving life to Tux, is available at the show. You can reserve one when you register for the Atlanta Linux Showcase, and then pick it up at the show. See you there!

1998 ALS T-Shirt

Copyright 1998, Atlanta Linux Showcase

Our 1998 Leonardo daVinci T-Shirt.

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